We Buy Homes Now Buys Homes in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia

Headquartered in Washington, DC, We Buy Homes, a leading house buying organization, has now started offering its services throughout the remaining areas of Maryland and Virginia. Now We Buy Homes has full coverage in Maryland and Virginia, whereas before it didn’t cover some extended areas. The company has always purchased houses in Washington, DC and Northern Virginia, but has gradually expanded its footprint to cover areas such as Richmond, VA and Hampton Roads, VA, and now the outer footprint of Virginia. Maryland now covers not only the outskirts of DC, but also Baltimore, MD and Eastern Shore, MD.

With the number of clients in Virginia and Washington, DC and Suburban Maryland growing rapidly ever since its inception, it has not started buying houses or land beyond this footprint until recently, and is still planning to stretch further with its unique services.

With unique services from We Buy Homes, homeowners have been pleasantly surprised at how easy, simple and fast to sell their houses to We Buy Homes. The popularity of We Buy Homes spread from Virginia to other major cities primarily through word of mouth, and We Buy Homes has been extremely busy with its rapid expansion while maintaining high quality customer service.

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