We Buy Homes is Changing the Way Real Estate Is Done

We Buy Homes is shaking up the real estate industry – and it’s about time.

After seeing the major innovation upend long established industries by companies such as Tesla, with its elegant electric cars, and Uber and Lyft, with driving services, the management team behind We Buy Homes knew that the next wave of innovation should come from within the real estate industry, and that they were the best ones to lead the change.

With the needs of homeowners in mind, We Buy Homes rewrote the script on how houses should be sold, giving homeowners an easier, faster and much more efficient way to divest themselves of unwanted property.

The We Buy Homes method uses this simple three-step process:

1)  The homeowner calls or fills out an online form.

2)  The homeowner answers a few simple questions about the property.

3)  The homeowner receives a competitive cash offer for their home within 7 minutes, right over the phone.

That’s it. What is absent from this list is the homeowner’s need to renovate or even repair the property, stage it, engage a realtor, pay realtor commissions and wait on the typical 6-12 months it takes to sell a home.

The We Buy Homes model is backed by technology, financial institutions and teams of tradespeople, enabling the company to provide competitive cash offers for “As Is” homes in mere minutes, and closing the sale in just a few days. The teams of contractors and skilled trades then go to work, if necessary, to repair and renovate the property and put it back on the market.

This method gives homeowners a way to quickly sell a house without worrying about costly renovations, improves neighborhoods as houses in need of fixing up are taken care of by We Buy Homes, and keeps and level of inventory flowing that supports this new, disruptive, formidable home selling model.

We Buy Homes set out to change the way real estate is done, and its success is proving to be a much-need service for homeowners that want to sell houses “As Is”, fast, for cash.

The company is currently purchasing homes in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia. To get a cash offer in seven minutes for homes “As Is”, call We Buy Homes at 877-715-5508 today.

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