We Buy Homes for Cash

We all know someone who has struggled through a traditional home sale process. Perhaps you have yourself. Does this sound familiar?
● You meet with a Realtor who tells you all of the things that are wrong with your home and all of the money you’ll have to spend to get your home sold.
● You meet with the contractor who tells you all of the things that are wrong with your home that the Realtor didn’t notice, and all of the money that you’ll have to pay for those repairs.
● You spend months, or even years in some markets, keeping your home spotlessly clean just in case a buyer decides to stop by.
● Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Then, after going through all of this, you find a Buyer only to get
● A lowball offer
● A long negotiation process
● A list of contingencies and requests

Still hanging on? There’s still the financing and appraisal contingency. And this is where, after all of those months of hard work and expense, you can still end up with nothing.

You see, the mortgage lending process has become a minefield of things that can go wrong. Over the last decade, mortgage lenders have put in place restriction after restriction and have made the mortgage process far more difficult. That means Buyers who can’t get the money they need to buy a home.

How can a traditional mortgage process keep you from getting your home sold?
● Buyers may not have the money to make the down payment required for the mortgage or for closing costs. Banks require Buyers to put a lot of money into the home purchase in order to ensure they have equity at the beginning of the process. An underfunded Buyer may not be able to meet these requirements.
● Buyers may not have the required credit scores for a lending process. You know that pre-qualified letter the Buyer provided from his lender? That is based on the Buyer’s word about his or her credit; lenders don’t even run a credit report before pre-qualifying a Buyer.
● Buyers may need to sell the home they currently own. What if they are not as serious about getting their home sold as you are? You could be Under Contract with a Buyer for months or years while you wait for them to close on their current home.
● Buyers may receive a low appraisal from their lender. This means that the Buyer has to either come up with more cash in order to buy your home, or you have to drop the price again in order to satisfy the mortgage company.

All of these are possibilities during a traditional mortgage process. How can you possibly avoid falling into one of these traps? Cash Buyers. But where will you find someone with the means to buy your home for cash?

Relax. We Buy Homes is here to help. You see, We Buy Homes is a Cash Buyer. Every transaction with us is easy because we buy homes for cash. What does that mean for you?Buy Home for Cash
● An all-cash offer in minutes—no long, frustrating back and forth negotiation
● No financing contingency. No home sale contingency. No appraisal contingency.
● As-Is purchase means you never have to repair, repaint, redecorate, or renovate your home to get it sold.
● No expensive Realtor commissions or fees draining all of the equity out of your home.
● Cash in hand and a closing in just days. Not months—Days.

Now doesn’t that sound better than a traditional home purchase process? All of the frustrations and outrageous expenses associated with selling a home: Gone.

Sound too good to be true? Think this type of service is only available for people in special circumstances, like pre-foreclosure or financial downturns? Think again. Many of our clients have one of the following situations:
● They are regular homeowners who simply don’t want the hassle of the traditional market.
● They inherited a property they don’t want or need. Who has time to keep one property repaired and paid for, much less two? We buy homes for cash, so you can get that property sold in a few days and avoid costly taxes, insurance, and other expenses.
● They are ready to retire and don’t want to waste their valuable time renovating a home they no longer plan to occupy. Why spend months or years trying to guesstimate the local market when you can get that home sold and tap into the equity to fund your retirement lifestyle?
● They own investment properties but are tired of looking for tenants, making repairs, and dealing with late rent payments. Stop living the landlord lifestyle and put the cash in those properties to work for you in new investments and new ventures.

We Buy Homes is ready with cash in hand, so you can start making plans in minutes and put those plans into action in days. No expensive repairs. No hassles. No worries. Just call our experts for an offer in minutes or fill out our online form. Tap into your home’s potential and start your new life today!