We Buy Homes for Cash – Quick, Easy and Painless

You have a house to sell. Perhaps your elderly grandparents passed away and now the property’s value must be divided amongst you and your siblings. Maybe you are interested in a new rental investment property, but need to sell the one you currently have to use that cash towards a nicer property. Maybe your relationship status has changed and your home needs to go on the market – fast. Whatever your reason, the thought of selling a home strikes dread into the hearts of many homeowners.

We buy homes for cash

We understand. Most homes won’t appeal to buyers until you strip it off all the personality you put into it, paint it a neutral beige and spend thousands fixing up those little things like a water stained ceiling or old roof. The worst part is, when renovating an older home, it’s very common to find asbestos or mold lurking in the walls – and suddenly necessary remediation triples your renovation budget. After all that hard work, and all that renovation expense, you are left living in a house that lacks the homey touches you put into it over the years while strangers come and go commenting on everything from the kitchen (Ugh, I guess I could renovate it. I don’t like this homeowner’s choice of white cabinets) to the back yard (What? So small? Where will our kids play? Let’s offer less because we don’t like the yard).

No wonder home owners hate the home-selling process – but you don’t have to.

We Buy Homes has completely changed the way homeowners in Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia interact with the real estate market because we have taken all the pain and hassle out of the equation.

How Do We Make Selling a Home Quick, Easy and Painless?

It’s simple. We buy homes for cash and we offer it fast. We have years of experience in buying and selling all kinds of houses, so we know from a phone call or from the details you provide on our online fast-quote form what kind of competitive cash offer is right for you. We give you this offer within minutes and if you accept, the entire transaction can be wrapped up in about a week.

No renovations. No commissions. No depending on market conditions. No waiting. It doesn’t get any simpler, or any more painless, than that.

What Makes Our Fast Cash Offers Possible?

We are driven by two things: experience and the genuine desire to help you move forward with your life. We have been doing this for many years and operate out of an efficient head office. We have our own reliable team of contractors to renovate houses, we have bulk buying power for homes and renovation supplies, and we are backed by nationally-trusted financial institutions.

As for helping people, we know that life comes at you fast and you don’t have the time, or often the finances, to fix up a home to sell. You have places to go, things to do and being chained to a house or an unpredictable market would just slow you down. Sure, you can sell the traditional way – it’s your choice; but for those that want to turn their biggest asset into cash without any pain or hassle, we offer a quick method and a competitive cash offer.

Want to sell your house As Is? Contact us today at 877-715-5508 to get started.

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