Seven Reasons Why You Should Sell Home to We Buy Houses Companies

Selling your house? Feeling your stress levels rise at just the thought of the to-do list that comes with that statement? It doesn’t have to be this hard—or this stressful. You can sell your home to a ‘we buy houses’ company instead. Here are seven reasons you should avoid the hassle of traditional home selling.

1)  You won’t have to sweat the small stuff

Selling a house may not seem like such a big deal—until you start to think about all the little things you’ve been putting off. Is your washing machine on the fritz? Is your fridge a bit old? Do you need to replace the screens in your windows? Is one of your outdoor taps for your garden hose leaking? Do you need to update your bathroom fixtures? Does your home’s exterior need to be painted? Do you need driveway repairs? Deck or patio maintenance? How is your garden looking this year? Does your garage door stick? They are all relatively minor fixes, but as soon as your home hits the market and potential buyers start to demonstrate interest, those small fixes become urgent—and not only can they can add up fast, but when they do, they can become extremely time consuming on top of everything else that is already on your plate. The solution? Let We Buy Homes sweat the small stuff so you don’t have to.

2)  …Don’t sweat the big stuff, either

The small things can add up, but when they are added to the list of big fixes that need to be addressed before the home inspection, your to-do list can quickly become unmanageable. Does your furnace need upgrading? Does your roof need repairs? Do you need to do major renovations to your interior to fix the flow of the floor plan? Do you need to add another bathroom to get the house up to the standards of the buyer? Replace the countertops? Does the house need major plumbing or electrical work? A ‘we buy houses’ company can save you from all the small things, but it can really save your time, stress levels, and wallet from those big renovations.

3)  No real estate agents

If the back and forth with the real estate agent sounds way too time consuming, it definitely is—but it doesn’t have to be. You can save yourself the meetings, photoshoot of the house, the endless paperwork, the tedious pestering for updates on renovation projects, and the costly real estate fees, all by selling to a We Buy Homes instead.We Buy Houses

4)  No real estate market

You can also avoid the fluctuations and volatility of the retail market by selling to a ‘we buy houses’ company. You won’t have to wait until the market is advantageous for you; you can sell now and let someone else worry about planning out the perfect time frame to sell based on real estate projections.

5)  No house viewings

There isn’t much that’s more irritating than having to get out of your house for upwards of three hours on end for a home showing—and it’s significantly worse if you work from home and have things you need to accomplish. Sell to a we buy houses company instead so you can avoid getting displaced from your own home.

6)  No annoying potential buyer “recommendations”

The only thing that’s more annoying than getting booted out of your home to let someone who isn’t really interested in buying poke through all your belongings is the criticism that comes at the end of it. Sell to a ‘we buy homes’ company to avoid hearing about how “hideous” your granite foyer is.

7)  Get out fast

The number one reason to sell to We Buy Homes is that you can get out fast. No more waiting a minimum of six to 12 months on the real estate market, all the while accruing more mortgage and tax payments and utility fees; contact us and get a competitive cash offer for your home As Is, within just seven minutes over the phone. It would be a bad idea not to jump on an opportunity like that.

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