Selling Your House is Easy with a “We Buy Homes” Buyer in Washington, DC

Selling your house definitely isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The home renovation programs made it look easy—and kind of cool—but now that you are in the thick of it, the prospect of moving everything out, tearing down walls and horrific paneling only to have to drywall, primer, paint, re-trim, and install new counters and countertops and cabinets—not to mention the plumbing that needs to happen in the bathroom—it’s all a bit…well…exhausting to think about, and you haven’t even picked up a paintbrush yet. There is a better option: sell your house fast and easy to a we buy homes buyer in Washington, DC instead.

How much time and hassle can you save?

A lot. A “we buy homes” buyer will buy your house “As Is”—that means you can sell your house fast without having to spend months laboring over the grueling renovation work before you can even list your home on a market that will take as many as 6 to 12 months to garner you results. You can save yourself the cost, the time, and the backache. But that isn’t all. The renovation process may seem like the most daunting part of the home selling process, but it really isn’t the worst part. Imagine having already put months—maybe even years—into renovating your house from the disaster it was when you moved in. Last year, you installed top-of-the-line granite countertops and added a tile backsplash to make your kitchen all the more aesthetic and functional.

We Buy Homes

Surprise! About 50 per cent of the prospective buyers who’ve wandered through your house to critique and nose through all your things don’t like your choice of tile. It’s too dark or too light. The open concept of your kitchen just doesn’t make sense to them. They simply cannot fathom why you would have painted your accent wall such a color, and—didn’t you know? granite countertops are, like, so passé. Home buyers want quartz countertops now. Not only do you have to hear the constant list of criticism from people who, more often than not, are just looking around instead of intending to buy anyways, but you also have to take their comments into consideration and try to accommodate the wishes of the majority. That might mean painting all over again, re-tiling, creating a budget for new countertops, or even re-flooring. A “we buy homes” buyer in Washington, DC will save you the grief of constant renovations and even more constant home-browser criticism so you can sell your house As Is and fast.

Not convinced yet? A “we buy homes” buyer can also save you money

Renovations aren’t the only costly component of selling your house. You also have to factor in the time you have to take off of work for those renovations, as well as the time it takes to clean and stage the home for last-minute home viewings. Plus, if your house continues to sit on the market for up to 12 months, you’ll have an additional 12 months of mortgage payments to make on top of property tax payments and utility fees—and those can add up, especially if you are doubling up on those payments because you already own another property. Of course, there are the real estate commissions to worry about. Selling your house fast to a “we buy homes” buyer in Washington, DC can save you the expense of selling your home. You can get a competitive cash offer in just seven minutes over the phone—plus there are no finance contingencies, and no real estate commissions or fees to worry about.

It’s the easiest way to sell your house fast. Contact We Buy Homes today to get started.

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