Sell Your House in 7 Days

If someone told you it was possible to sell your house in 7 days, would you believe it? That’s an awfully short period of time for someone to find a buyer, get an offer and prepare for closing. When you sell to We Buy Homes, you can literally have you home sold in a week–and that’s all it takes. We understand that there are situations in life that force you to make decisions quickly in order to avoid a major financial situation. We want to help make that process easier for you. Do you want to learn more? Here’s how to sell your house in 7 days.

Contact We Buy Homes Inc.

The very first thing you should do in order to sell your house in 7 days is get in contact with someone from We Buy Homes. We want to learn more about you and also about the house you want to sell. We’ll assess your situation and do some market research to give you a fair and competitive offer on your house. You are not obligated to sell to us, but do keep in mind that we don’t charge any extra fees or commissions for selling your house to us.

Sell your house in its current condition

Most home sellers who list their house on the real estate market spend months Old House prepping their homes for sale. They’ll update, re-paint, fix marks on floors or on the walls and make the house look beautiful for potential buyers. That works for some sellers–but others find themselves in a time crunch. When you don’t have time to spend months prepping your house for sale, you should consider selling it for cash to We Buy Homes. We will buy your house in any condition and will take care of any repairs ourselves so that you can move forward with life.

Prepare for a short closing

If you accept our offer on your house, you can start getting ready to close as soon as is convenient for you. Our closing period can be as long or as short as you like, but you don’t have to worry about We Buy Homes needing to secure financing–because we are flush with capital and are ready to buy your home in cash. With a short closing and escrow period, you’ll know your house is sold and you can be on your way in a flash.

Selling your house in a week is a cinch when you partner with us. Together we can work to help you avoid foreclosure or debt, pay off your mortgage, and get more equity out of your house by avoiding paying extra fees. We’ll buy your house in ‘as is’ condition, saving you a tremendous amount of time, money and hassle. We can get to closing fast and you can move out of your house in record time. If you have a need to sell your house in 7 days and you live in the Washington, DC, Maryland(MD) or Virginia(VA), we hope you’ll call us or fill out our form online for a free offer.

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