Sell Your House Fast to a ‘We Buy Homes for Cash’ Buyer

When it’s time to sell, you don’t always have the time to sit and wait while your home gathers dust in a slow Washington, DC market. Despite the glamour that is described by reality TV, selling a house really isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It’s time consuming and inconvenient at best, and at its worst, there is a lot of hard work that needs to go into getting the home ready to sell. Even in the best case scenario, and even if you pay all the commissions and fees to use a real estate agent, your home is going to sit on the market for up to 6 to 12 months before it will sell—and higher worth homes tend to take even longer. That’s a long time to have to keep cleaning, staging, renovating, and maintaining a house you don’t want anymore—especially if you are paying two mortgages because your home hasn’t sold yet. Fortunately, there is an easier way. You can sell your house fast to a home buying company—a we buy homes for cash buyer—instead.

Selling your home fast to a “we buy homes for cash” buyer will save you a lot of time and hassle

Modern TV makes selling a house all glitz and glam. It looks easy, right? You gut the house, throw up some drywall, slap on a neutral coat of paint, slam in some new countertops, and presto! The house is good to go. One or two quick home viewings and it’s sold (really, how could they not want to buy your house?). It’s just that easy—I mean, it all happens in about a 60-minute time slot, right? Wrong. The only way to sell your house that fast is by going to a “we buy homes for cash” buyer. A fast home buying company will buy your house “As Is”—no matter how much work needs to be put into it to get it ready for the market. In fact, with a “we buy homes for cash” buyer like We Buy Homes, you can even get an offer within 7 minutes over the phone—that’s a much better result that the alternative will leave you with.

A day in the life…

What does your day look like when you don’t sell your house fast to a “we buy homes for cash” buyer? Most assuredly not a fun one. We are busy people. Most of us work at least one job, and many work two-three jobs, to keep on top of all the mortgage payments, bills, and utility fees that occupy our lives. That means most of us are busy—and probably out of the house—for a minimum of eight houWe Buy Homes for Cashrs a day. A healthy adult needs around seven hours of sleep in a day, give or take, plus there is at least an hour in the morning that is dedicated to getting ready for the day, likely an hour or more dedicated to travel time, and at least an hour in the evening that is dedicated to meal preparation and eating (and the time it takes for all of these activities—except for sleep—increases by the number of kids you have, not to mention the after-school activities, etc. that take up even more of your time). At best, you might have five hours left in your day that aren’t already occupied, and in that time, you already have appointments to get to, groceries to buy, maybe a little socializing to be done, and if you’re lucky, you might get a little relaxation time in before it starts all over again.

In other words, you really don’t have much time to devote to costly renovations that can take months, the risk that you’ll find and have to fix major hidden problems (electrical, plumbing, foundation, roof problems, etc.), or even just the fact that you are probably going to get an email in the middle of the day requesting a house viewing for the following afternoon, leaving you to rush home after work to make sure the house is clean and staged adequately. Save yourself the anxiety of selling by contacting We Buy Homes and sell your house fast in 7 days and hassle-free instead.

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