Sell Your House Fast Maryland

image001When selling a home, most people think they only have two options. First, they might call a real estate agent whose number they got from a billboard or bus bench. Or maybe it’s the wife’s hairdresser’s cousin’s niece who sells real estate in her spare time. Then the Realtor comes in with a list of repairs and improvements, tries to talk you into painting the whole house beige, sticks a sign in the yard and disappears. And if your home does manage to sell, she collects a fat commission while you’re the one who did all of the home improvements, cleaned house every day, and sat in the driveway waiting for the latest batch of looky-loos to leave.

Or maybe you went with a Sale By Owner in order to avoid paying that real estate commission. You put a sign in your yard and waited for the phone to ring. And waited. And waited. Was it priced too high? Did it not have enough “curb appeal”? Why wasn’t anyone calling?

You may have thought there was no way to sell your house fast, without all of those hassles and without all of that waiting. Well, good news! What if, instead, you could fill out a form or pick up the phone and have an all-cash offer in just 10 minutes. Sound good? What if you could do it without repairs, updates, upgrades, Realtor commissions or any of the other headaches of home selling. And what if you could close within days, not weeks or months?

If you’re ready to bypass the selling and get to the sale, We Buy Homes is the answer to your home sale woes.

We Buy Homes offers a fast and easy way to sell your house without all of the fuss of a traditional home sale. We offer:
● A fast, up-front offer (just 10 minutes on the phone with no back and forth negotiation)
● As Is purchase (no house painting, roof repairs, or landscaping)
● All-cash purchase (no waiting to hear back from the mortgage underwriter or financing contingencies)
● Lightning-fast closing (why wait months when you can close in days?)

Our no-nonsense, fast and efficient home sale process focuses on getting you to closing. Your home sale is our focus and priority, not staging services or trolling for Buyer clients at Open Houses.


Maybe you think We Buy Homes only serves people who are underwater on their home and facing forerclosure. While we do help people in all types of financial circumstances, the majority of our clients are ready to sell and don’t want to wait. Maybe you are

● Ready to retire and live the good life at your lake home or in an over-50 retirement community. Who wants to spend weeks or even months getting your home ready to sell by trying to guess what backsplash would most appeal to a 30-something Buyer and then scheduling electricians, plumbers, handymen, and more to update and upgrade a home you will no longer live in?

● An empty-nester with a huge suburban home that was great when the kids were around, but now feels like too much house. Why pay your Realtor 6% commission while you wait month after month for an offer?

● A homeowner who inherited property that you don’t need. Why spend months updating and upgrading that inherited home, being responsible for taxes, insurance, and repairs and upkeep on both homes, and then waiting for a sale to close?

● Tired of living the landlord lifestyle with an investment property or two. Ready to trade in unpaid rents, unreliable tenants, and costly repairs for cash?

We Buy Homes can help! We ensure quick offers, As-Is sales, and fast, easy closings. What more could you ask for? Let our experts research your property and make you an offer within 10 minutes. All you have to do is fill out our online form or give We Buy Homes a call today!