Sell House in Seven Days Without Headaches

A lot of things can cause a headache: tooth pain, sinus congestion, alcohol consumption, foods that are high in nitrates, lack of sleep or significant disruptions in sleep patterns, jet lag, poor posture, stress and muscle tension, skipping meals, and even ice cream (the pain is real, guys); but there is one thing that can cause the worst of all headaches, and painkillers don’t tend to help: selling your house. The solution? Sell your house in seven days and end the pain before it can drag on.

Why is selling your home such a headache?

The home selling process is an ordeal. First, there is the cleanup. In order to stage your house, you don’t want any of your personal belongings to be cluttering it up, but of course, it also needs to look like it can be lived in; so you have to pack up all but your furniture (and hope you didn’t pack something you are definitely going to need in the most impossible-to-find box) and put it in storage. That isn’t all. In order for your house to sell quickly, it has to be move-in ready, it has to be aesthetically appealing, it has to have a good flow, and it probably needs to conform with at least some of the latest and greatest home trends. You know what that means, don’t you? Renovations.Sell Your House in 7 Days

After the joys of cleaning, renovating, staging, (don’t forget landscaping) and even more cleaning, it all adds up to one of the worst headaches (for you as well as your bank account), but the fun continues! Now you have to get the house noticed. Whether or not you go through a realtor, your house can end up sitting on the market for up to 6-12 months—even if you are putting all the time and effort into holding frequent open houses and home showings. A real estate agent can help it to get noticed by the right demographic, but then you are stuck paying real estate commissions. No matter what you do, selling a home is a lot of work, it’s time consuming, and the costs quickly add up, subtracting more and more from the profit you could have been making on its value. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of having to take time off of work to deal with the house, and, of course, the added expense of the mortgage and utility fees for the length of time the house sits on the market (and that’s particularly painful if you are carrying the mortgage of another home already). It would be so much easier if you could just sell your Washington, DC house in seven days.

The good news is : you can!

It isn’t a miracle; it’s a home buying company. If you consult a home buying company like We Buy Homes, you can save yourself the entire headache of the home selling process. How? Our home buying company can make you a competitive cash offer on your house in as little as 7 minutes over the phone. An acquisitions specialist will visit your home and present you a written contract within 24 hours, and you’ll be right on the road to selling your house in seven days. The best part? We Buy Homes buys houses As Is in Washington, DC, so you don’t even have to deal with those hideous shag carpets. There are no finance contingencies or real estate commissions —just a cash offer and the guarantee of a fast closing. It’s the best remedy for a headache you can get!

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