Looking to Sell in Washington, DC? Sell Your House “As Is” and Save Yourself the Hassle

Did you just inherit a house in Washington, DC from—well, not heaven; the other place. Yeah, that one. Don’t despair. No matter how it looks on paper, that contract you signed isn’t eternal, and you (probably) haven’t lost your soul in the transaction. You just need to sell your house “As Is” and you’ll be free and clear of whatever nightmare may have been waiting for you.

The home-selling dream

Okay, so maybe selling your home As Is in Washington, DC isn’t such a nightmare—but it definitely isn’t something you’ll want to make a hobby out of. It’s expensive, time consuming, a lot of hard work, and—let’s face it—kind of annoying. Especially when the house you’ve inherited isn’t in the best of shape. Chances are, it’s been a few years since anyone has even thought about renovating, and that means that, at best, the décor is out-of-date. At worst? A cracked foundation. The most terrifying part of the home selling experience is what you uncover when you start the renovation process. Faulty wiring, leaky roof, tree roots in pipes, black mold, asbestos, bad plumbing—or worse: shag carpeting!!—are just a few of the things you’ll be checking off your “must-fix” list in order to get the house onto the real estate market. All of those are costly expenses, and most of them are going to have baggage in the form of unseen expenses too. If the thought of repairing that house just filled you with dread, then it’s time to sell your house “As Is” instead.Sell House As Is

What are the benefits of selling “As Is?”

The number one benefit is that you don’t have to do anything to the house to get it to sell. Cracked foundation? No worries! Sewer backed up into the basement? Not a problem. Hideous shag carpeting in the living room—deal breaker! Just kidding. Not even the shaggiest of all carpets can hinder your sale. How, you ask? Scrap the real estate market and sell your house “As Is” to a We Buy Houses company in Washington, DC instead.

Of course, the benefits don’t stop at the renovation time and expense—or even the hassle—you’ll save. You’re also going to save on all those extra fees that slowly drive you insane as they keep on adding up: mortgage payments, utility fees, property taxes, real estate commissions…if it doesn’t seem like it’s saving you much now, think about how much it will save you if your house sits on the real estate market for the standard six to 12 months. Those monthly expenses add up—unless you sell your house “As Is.” Simply call us at We Buy Homes Inc. and get an offer within 7 minutes over the phone. There are no finance contingencies, and you won’t have to pay any real estate commissions or fees.

It’s really that easy! In less time than it’ll take to hide out in the coffee shop you’ve been banished to while your Realtor shows your home to some halfway-uninterested couple who hates the tile you’ve chosen for the bathroom, you could have that house in Washington, DC as good as sold.

Don’t get pulled down into the real estate market inferno; sell your house “As Is” instead and walk away with all the freedom of a competitive cash offer.

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