Four Reasons You Should Sell Your House “As Is”

Selling your home can be nothing short of a nightmare. First, it’s costly. Second, it’s time-consuming. Third, it takes a level of expertise that not everyone has, and fourth, it can be burdensome and taxing on your stress levels, too. It doesn’t have to be such a headache, though. You can sell your house “As Is” to a home buying company and save yourself the nightmare.

sell-house-as-isWhy is Selling a House such a Challenge?

Before you can even think about selling your house, you need to either do some updating or give it a major overhaul depending on the current condition of your home. You need to make the house presentable for all the potential home buyers who come through, and that means getting rid of all the personal items. You need to remove yourself and your loved ones out of your home so it doesn’t feel too uncomfortable for a potential buyer to start envisioning him or herself in it. But that isn’t quite as simple as it sounds. More than just removing all your personal items, you need to tone down the wall colors, and fix up that flooring that only a mother could love—as may have been the case. However, it isn’t just about removing yourself from the home either; you also need to predict what your potential home buyer is going to want and ensure those features are in place if your house is going to sell. That takes quite a bit of research on the latest trends, which perhaps means putting in a bit more effort than you’d initially had in mind. Selling your house “As Is” is much simpler.

The amount of effort that needs to go into your home when you decide against selling your house “As Is” can be scary, but the potential for things to go wrong can be even scarier. What if something big breaks when you are trying to fix it? What if you remove some drywall to touch up a wall and you reveal a major plumbing or electrical issue? What if you are finishing the basement and discover a crack in your foundation? What if you are painting your attic and find out that your roof is leaking? There are a lot of issues hidden in your house, and it’s when the renovations start that you begin notice them.

Selling your House “As Is” is a Better Alternative

When you decide to sell your house “As Is”, you are automatically freed from all the issues that are hiding behind that outdated wallpaper you’ve been wanting to remove for years. Plus, you can sell your house a lot faster, and for a competitive cash offer, too. How, you ask? Sell your house “As Is” to a home buying company. You can get a competitive cash offer in as little as 7 minutes over the phone, and you can sell your house in as little as 7 days—without having to lift a finger to fix, stage, repair or renovate. Leave the renovations – and the cost of them – to the professionals instead.

Don’t get caught in the time and money trap while trying to get your house up to snuff for the real estate market. Sell your house “As Is” to a home buying company instead.

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