We Buy Homes Waives 6% Real Estate Commission

When you sell your home to We Buy Homes, you can save 6% real estate commission which is a considerable amount of money. The spokesperson for We Buy Homes was quoted as saying, “We are not real estate agents, we don’t want to list houses, we want to buy them! We don’t charge sales commissions or fees. When homeowners come to us, they bypass the middleman and cutout all of the middleman fees.”

We Buy Homes enjoys a solid reputation for its customer-friendly service and fast home sale solution. By waiving the 6% real estate commission, We Buy Homes offers a new dimension to real estate. In addition to not charging home sellers a commission, you don’t have to deal with real estate agents, hiring contractors, renovating your house, pulling permits, sprucing up and painting your house, staging your house, or any other type of task associated in a traditional real estate transaction.

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