Cash for Home

If you have never sold a home, or if it has been a while, you may not realize how difficult the home financing landscape has become. Over the last decade, lenders have tightened restrictions on mortgages and made it far more difficult for Buyers to get the money they need to buy a home.

Getting your home sold isn’t just about making all of those expensive repairs and upgrades to find a buyer in the first place. It’s also about all of the ways a traditional mortgage process can undermine and even stop the sale of your home. A few of those hurdles are: image001

•  Buyers might have insufficient credit scores or financial means to buy your home. Did you know that Buyer “pre-qualification” is just based on what the Buyer told the mortgage broker, with no documents and no credit check? So, you could find a Buyer and then find out their finances are not at all what they said they were. All that time wasted for nothing.

•  Buyers might have insufficient down payments. Maybe the Buyer has great credit but can’t come up with a down payment and closing costs sufficient to see the sale through to completion. Strict equity rules at the banks mean that this could cause the whole sale to fall apart.

•  Buyers might need to sell a home of their own. If your home sale is contingent on the Buyer selling his/her home, you could be stuck for months or even years waiting for a home sale on their end that might or might not happen.

•  Buyers might end up with a low appraisal. If the mortgage company decides that the appraisal is too low, they could end up refusing to fund the full amount of the mortgage. That means the Buyer either has to come up with more cash, or you have to drop the price through no fault of your own!

What a nightmare. Any of these things can go wrong during the financing process and keep your home from selling. There has to be a better way!

What if there was a better way? In fact, what if there was a way to ensure that you get your home sold without all of the hassles and time-wasting of a traditional home sale process. But even better, what if the Buyer came to the sale of your home with cash. No financing contingency. No home sale contingency. No appraisal contingency. Just an offer in minutes and a closing in days. That’s right. Days.

You see, when a Buyer pays cash, your closing process happens in days, not the weeks or months you have to wait for an underwriter at the bank to approve a home purchase with a traditional mortgage. So, your home sale is complete and you have cash in hand in just days. At We Buy Homes, we purchase your house for cash, which means your sell your home the fast, easy way. We ensure

•  An offer in just minutes without a long, complicated, and frustrating negotiation process.

•  As-Is purchase with no repairs, no redecorating, and no staging.

•  All-cash purchase, meaning you close in just days.

Think service like this is only for those who have mortgage problems, are upside-down on their home, or are in dire financial circumstances? Our fast, efficient, cash-only purchases are perfect for

•  Heirs who inherit a property they don’t need. Why spend months or even years trying to take care of and update a property you inherited when We Buy Homes can make you an all-cash offer in minutes and get you to closing in days.

•  Retirees who are ready to move on to the next phase of their lives in a picturesque mountain, lake, or beach home. Why waste your leisure time with contractors, trying to renovate a home you no longer want? Get it sold and get started on your retirement plans in just days.

•  Investors who are tired of chasing tenants for back rent and getting repair calls in the middle of the night. Who needs that? Trade those rental properties for cash in just days. Talk about return on investment!

image003We Buy Homes is ready to help, no matter what your real estate need. Because we pay cash for your home, we can offer no-hassle, no-fuss home sales with no outrageous Realtor commissions or expensive repairs. Let our experts make you an offer in just 7 minutes. Fill out our online form or give We Buy Homes a call and get cash for your home today!