Cash for Home Maryland

Cash for Home Maryland 1Are you thinking of selling a home in Maryland? If so, you may be looking around for real estate agents to help. Perhaps your mom’s friend sells a little real estate on the side and would be happy to help. If so, you may be in for a long, frustrating experience. There are so many things that can go wrong between now and the closing table–things that can directly affect how much cash you walk away with.

● A real estate agent will come in for a Listing Presentation, then give you a checklist of all of the repairs, improvements, and renovations you will need to do to the house and yard before he or she will even put a sign in the yard.

● A contractor will see dollar signs when he or she gets that list. Your contractor may even talk you into upgrades the Realtor left out. Then the delays, cost overruns, and unexpected discoveries will ensure that the costs continue to rise.

● Next, a Buyer with a lowball offer will initiate an aggressive negotiation process. Even if you eventually agree on a price, the negotiation starts again after the home inspection, resulting in even more repair bills and allowances.

● Once you get through all of that, you arrive at the closing to fees, commissions, and other closing costs that may leave you feeling lucky to walk away with anything at all.

There has to be an easier way.

There is! We Buy Homes, Inc. simplifies the process, cuts out the middle men, and passes the savings on to you. Because we buy direct, and because we buy for cash, many of the costs normally associated with a home sale can be avoided.

And because we buy “As-Is,” there are no repairs, updates, and upgrades to worry about. That means no contractors, repairmen, and landscapers cutting into the hard-earned equity in your home.

Cash for Home Maryland 2Think you have to qualify for deal like this? Have to be part of a special program or offer? We Buy Homes Inc. is a direct-to-consumer service, meaning there’s nothing standing between you and an all-cash offer for your home in Maryland. Who can we help? Just homeowners who are tired of the frustrations and delays of a traditional home sale process. We work with

● Retirees who don’t want to put off that dream retirement move a minute longer than they have to.

● Military families who have orders to relocate and can’t afford to juggle two mortgages while they wait for the market to “heat up.”

● Real estate investors who are tired of living the landlord lifestyle of calls, complaints, repairs, and late rent.

● Heirs who have inherited a home they don’t need or want, but who also don’t want to spend their money sprucing up, repairing, and staging that home for sale.

How soon can you be ready to move? With We Buy Homes, Inc. you could be closing in just days and walking away with cash in hand. Just think–an offer in minutes and closing in days. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. It’s just the difference between working directly with a Buyer instead of through layers of real estate agents and brokers. It’s the difference between selling for cash and selling to a Buyer who may or may not qualify for a mortgage.

Call us today at 1-877-715-5508 or use our Quote Finder for a free, no-obligation quote anytime, 24 hours a day. Stop thinking about selling and get to sold the fast, convenient way. Sell for cash with We Buy Homes, Inc.